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Let's take this project to the next level
6 months ago

We need 172 more votes to get the opportunity to be one of 20 recipients of $150k grant by Chase Mission Main St. Grants! Will you help us get there? https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/8293

Here's what I'd like to do with $150k:
- Start doing serious data-mining for causal relationships between our users' treatments and symptoms.
- Integrate wearables so we can also start tracking daily steps, whether you exceed anaerobic threshold, sleep quality.
- Build a native app on iOS and android so you can track and send LUV to teammates from anywhere.
- Create one-page health summaries of your tracking data that you can bring to your doctor's offices. (Graphs are pretty to look at, not really easy to decipher.)

What would you like to see us do with $150k?

Tracking Peaks and Valleys
11 months ago

We've been working on presenting our tracking data as a cohort to some researchers in an effort to get a treatment outcomes study going. What's cool to me is that with frequent tracking, you can definitely see the peaks and valleys in our conditions. I honestly had no idea it would be so visually clear. So based on this, we've decided to add daily treatment tracking, so we'll really start to see what's affecting what. The next step would be integrating with wireless sensors so we can see not only how treatments are affecting symptoms, but how both are tied to daily activity level, heart rate variability, sleep quality, and other biometrics.

This will get interesting :)

Fundraising Progress
3 months ago

For our fundraising campaign, we're gonna be both transparent and goal-setting (nod to @[Private] for the idea). We set an initial monthly goal of $500 to cover hosting costs and basic maintenance.

Thanks to everyone that's pitched in so far, whether through donations or by purchasing items through our amazon link. I'll be posting a sneak peek in the next few days of what we've been working on!

Antibiotic Protocols for Lyme Disease
6 months ago

Antibiotics is the most commonly searched word on our site. This doesn't surprise me because chronic Lyme is one of the hardest things to treat in medicine today. There's no gold standard for treatment, and it's also notoriously hard to find info about it. So we'd like to help change that by sharing some drug combos our users are trying.

Note: usernames are hidden to protect user privacy.

Combo Protocols are the norm:
Protocol #1: First of 6 week cycles. Next Cipro then followed by Biaxin and back to Doxy."
Protocol #2: Doxycycline, Tindamax, and VSL #3.
Protocol #3: modified Jemsek protocol. I pulsed a combination of antibiotics: Azithromycin, Clindamycin, Doxycycline, Mepron, and Tinidazole.
Protocol #4: "5 months of treatment of Biaxin, Plaquenil, Omnicef and pulses of Flagyl and Tindamax.
Protocol #5: Azithromycin, Cefotaxime, Rocephin. IV Cefotaxime every 8 hours. 550mg IV Azithromycin Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Protocol #6: Rocephin, Zithromax, Plaquenil, Bactrim DS, Omnicef, Coartem, Rifampin, Tindamax, Mepron.

Bicillin injections are a really helpful add-on for some.
Experience #1: The Bicillin injections worked while I was on them, but without fail when I stopped the injections I would relapse within four weeks.
Experience #2: In summary, there has been a direct correlation between cognitive dulling (From inflammation headaches), anxiety, and general or localized body pain, to each shot. Over time, they have simply begun to lessen, over all.

Flagyl is a potent cyst-buster that seems to be very effective in some cases and really ugly in others.
Experience #1: The drug from hell. Have had to take it for c-diff. Medication makes me brain feel like it's exploding and makes me feel like I'm dying. Extreme fatigue. Don't have this problem with other abx like cipro.
Experience #2: Worked well for 7 months but then started to have no effect.

To read more, visit our Lyme Disease Room.


HealClick Store is Back!
6 months ago



Thank you to everyone for bearing with us when we were having issues with our previous provider.

To people that haven't bought a shirt: here are the rules. After you...


This Month's Fundraising Update
23 days ago

We're inching closer to the product we've envisioned for the last 3 months. Since we launched the new tracker redesign, we've roughly doubled the number of people tracking. If you've been tracking, check out the new health graph at www.healclick.com/tracker/analysis where you can view your symptom, event, and treatment tracking data. It may look bare bones, but it's now a powerful foundation to consolidate tracking data from within HealClick and outside of HealClick. We expect the external data integration to be finished by the end of this month, and the iOS app to be released sometime in March. In the meantime, our treasure trove of a database continues growing for potential research use.

We're trying to raise $500 per month, which isn't meant to cover our development expenses but helps cover administrative costs and monthly server hosting costs - which we've figured out how to reduce by 75%. We'll charge for the mobile app and offer the data integration and more robust analysis on a small monthly subscription to recoup our development expenses. The web-based tracker and rest of the site remain free to use.

We hit our fundraising goal in December but slipped last month to $352, so we need to make up some ground. We posted 2 ways anyone can help us in the sidebar. If you can comfortably afford it, please donate. If you can't, please remember to click on our Amazon link when you shop there. As always, we'll maintain total transparency about our fundraising progress. We also plan to create a dedicated page listing our top donors.

Thank you for your continued support,
Joey and Rachael

A thank you
2 months ago

Thanks to this amazing group of supporters, today we reached our monthly goal of raising $500. Thank you everyone.

LUV 19

Why Tracking? Why HealClick?
4 days ago

3 reasons that you should track your health + 1 big reason you should track with HealClick.

Track To Remember

Think back to the last big flare that you had. Yeah, that one. Was it a Tuesday or a Wednesday? What did you have for lunch the day before? Were there warning signs? Did you overdo it? Was it around the same time that you skipped that dose of your medication? Are you sure you didn't change something the week before?
There is NO reason that you should be trying to remember all this but you probably do. I mean, somebody's got to manage your illness so it may as well be you! Instead of constantly taxing your working memory, I propose a better method. Track with HealClick and let us be your memory. Use our health graph to see whats happening over time or order an analytics report and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Keep All Your Data In One Place

Who has a binder full of test results over here, a mental checklist of the treatments you've tried, and a constant wondering about whether you're better or worse than you were last month? Centralized health tracking can take care of all of this. Tracking with HealClick means you'll have one place where all your health data is stored. We can even include data from wearable devices (*coming soon!) like heart rate, number of steps, and sleep quality. Combining this data with your symptoms and treatments from the HealClick tracker means that you never have to guess because your data is just a click away.

Show Your Doctor What's Up (or Down)

The average office visit lasts a whopping 15 minutes and if you're lucky, about 5 minutes of that is spent going over your history and what happened since your last visit. Now I don't know about you, but when the Doctor gets to "so, how have you been since the last time?" my brain likes to focus on either blank nothingness or trivial details. But now, I come armed with handouts. Instead of trying to cram a month's worth of symptoms into 3 sentences I can point to my report and say "This, this and this are better after starting this treatment but I'm still having trouble with this".

Why HealClick?

Why not one of the other health trackers on the market? Because you can track your health and learn from other patients. Tracking your health gives you all of the benefits I've already mentioned but when you track on HealClick you're generating treatment reviews and helping other patients learn from your experience. Search our database for reviews from other patients to see whats working and whats not. Were working with our research partners to use all this (anonymous!) data to fuel clinical trials and find effective treatments. Tracking on HealClick benefits you and it benefits all of us.

Your turn, why do you track? Or why don't you track?


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